Dear friends,

I would like to share my experiences of what has been happening for the recent few weeks. It has been so amazing, I cannot believe that such a lot happens in such a short time, and each of these experiences takes me even so far ahead. it also validates what we all have been doing for so many years, that we are on the right path.

I went to Bangalore and I was attending the Global Health Summit, and it was fascinating to see almost three hundred and fifty foreign delegates and lots of delegates from India, and everybody had to come in on to a common platform to find out how they could integrate all aspects of medicine, alternative, complementary and allopathic into one.

It was a lot of jumble. The first introductory lecture wanted to see that everything would come together, how everybody could see the resistance in each of the people from different systems, and one saying that ‘I am the best and these people are like this and those people are like this’. And these were the blocs that were present. And they wanted at the end of the conference to find out if they could put everything integrated into one.

They were not very sure and they thought that it would only end up as a salad because they didn’t know which system to use for what. Then a few minutes later after this introductory lecture of what was the role of the conference, came Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the guru of Art of Living Foundation which is worldwide, and he with his childlike presentations - you could see the… how happy he was in the sparkling in his eyes - he spoke about energy and he spoke how the only connections and the only way to integrate everything into one was that which created it. And he talked all about the energy and how it comes down and how it can bring all the systems together and not only healing sciences and spirituality, both together. It was really fascinating to see that whatever David has taught us and what we are teaching around everywhere in the world, is the same what this spiritual guru was teaching and was trying to explain, and in twenty minutes he had given the whole solution.
In fact, the whole conference was no more required because all the answers were there, and how to bring everybody to one platform and everybody becomes one.

This was absolutely the most wonderful moment for me, it was a validation for my work, what I do and for our work what we have been doing everywhere.

On his way out it was surprising to note that he stopped and he said to me: ‘Hey, I know what you do and you have…, you’re in Bangalore, you should find time to come and see me in the ashram.’ I was literally overjoyed at the way he identifies people and really knows what you are doing. It is just what we learned in level two with the energy pattern which we send out, and he could sense the information of what work we do and he could really know what it’s all about.

The next day came Deepak Chopra who was giving his lecture, I never heard his lecture, I wanted to pay much listen to it because I didn’t read any of his books. I was really very very happy that I had got this opportunity. I only listened to half an hour his lecture when the call came that need to go to the ashram because he was going to give us an audience. I was in a dilemma: a resistance and a desire, a desire to listen to Deepak and I’m… there you see I was been called away, and I was trying to resist this call, but eventually you know and I know I decided to go to the ashram.

It was a fascinating experience. He was doing a conference in which 180 000 people were participating. It was nice to see in this ashram how they were taking care of these people, how they were coming and how everything was sold free and the energy in that place was so wonderful and after we‘d gone down we went for an audience with him and he said (everybody was sitting on the floor): ‘No, no, no, no, you can sit on the chair and you can talk to me.’ And then he conversed with me and told me whatever work we have been doing was very good and I should believe in what I do and I should continue doing this work.

This was again a blessing, absolutely, and I decided to go and to get up just before the audience was finishing, as it is an Indian tradition to touch the feet of the guru and I asked that: ‘Can you give me a blessing?’ So I just pulled in my hand to bend. He immediately got up, hold my hand and then he said: ‘There is no need to do, you are elder to me.’ All he did was bat on my cheeks, touch me and give me a hug, and my day was made.

So I came out really happy, absolutely balanced, feeling one with everybody, and I could see what was happening everywhere. So this was a wonderful situation and an experience which goes on day by day, validating what of a work we do in the world of tachyon.

Going on to the next day, I had a conference. I had to make a presentation and it was surprising that they gave me the evening when most of the delegates would go away and I had only been given 15 minutes to make the presentation. It was then that I realized: I have to do something. And then, when I made the presentation, I gave a very short presentation of what tachyon is about and I thought the only reality is to give them an experience. When thy feel the experience what tachyon treatment is and what it makes and how it brings about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual values, they would realize what happens. So from up there on the stage, based on the alternate healer program which we are developing for tachyon, I could project this treatment using the tachyon bars, and I asked a present to participate from the audience, while they were sitting there on their own chair. And whatever problem they had, we could immediately bring that problem into balance and also they could experience how this energy flows into them and how it integrates and brings all the levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual into one, balancing them and making them feel very light. It is then the audience goes and goes to all these people who have experienced this treatment. And then they find the confirmation that ‘Yes, it really worked’, and so amazement is very important to create, an experience. Only when it is an experience, then it becomes a reality, only then you realize what this science is about. And I really like to thank David who has taught us all this and who has brought us to this stage and who was giving us this experience.

It was made. In 15 minutes I could really show them what it is and because of this the chairman of the scientific committee, he said that ‘I think this is one of the signs that it is the physics of tachyon which is going to help us to integrate everything.’
I met him only for 10 minutes and he was so fascinated that he called me to England and share all about this so that they could go and do something about it.

So we had now a system, a science which David taught us, which could integrate all systems of healing, whatever it is, in fact everything in life into one and bring this experience of oneness.

And they wanted to bring spirituality in, and this brought spirituality so easily into the whole system.

As a result of this, now we have a chance to present a paper which they would like to publish and which they would eventually publish in the journals and also we got an invitation to go and meet the director of the Prince Wales Foundation in England.

All this has led to forming an alliance with the University so that we could have licence programs in, eh, for Europe and similarly for America.

It happens so fast in three weeks because of all this that I wonder what is really happening, why it is happening, why so much in such less time. It’s only a question of believing, and it is going to work for us.

The conference finished, I’ll only take you to a trip to England which happened after that, but I’ll come back again.

And there was a workshop which we organized and the workshop was organized outside the ashram, in Puttaparthi.

Now, the doctors who work for the Sai Baba ashram, they had to take permission, because that is the system how it works, and ask Sai Baba before they can go to this workshop. And Baba blessed them and told them: ‘Yes, you should attend the workshop and learn.

So they came to the workshop and everything happened on its own, one after the other. I didn’t have to refer to anything. It was the students who asked questions. That was the next step of my education. It just fell into place one after the other. The tachyon healings were much, much faster and much, much quicker in the ashram. So this goes to show that it depends on the energy which is around us. All the tachyon tools help us to heal, but also the energy around is very important, and the person receiving the energy also is important. It works, no doubt and it works very fast. This was something which these people couldn’t understand, how it happened. And when we had the experience, they realized what was this oneness, what is this unity, what is this all happening.

The next day after this, when we went to treat the patients in the hospital at their invitation, I was told that we should open a Tachyon clinic in the hospital over there.

Then I realized, I saw beautiful edifices, embodiments of love, each of these buildings are so fascinating and well built and any treatment was given open heart, any sort of treatments are free, not a single penny is charged from anybody and they have two such hospitals over there and we have been given the opportunity to open a Tachyon clinic on a charitable basis, and this has been blessed by Baba.

And next day I had left and I had gone back, but one of the students who had participated, was sitting in this congregation of five to ten thousand people – I don’t know, because I was not present there – and Sai Baba, when he gave his audience – he picks up people normally for an interview – he passed by during these moments when all these people were sitting during the audience and he went straight to this gentlemen who was holding his bars. He took the tachyon bars, took it and blessed it, and this was absolutely wonderful.

How is it that he knows that he has to go to this person, how is it that he knows that he has to pick up these bars? What is there in these tachyon bars, TLC-bars, which help them? Now, this is what sometimes we should realize that this is something which is done from high up, which is helping us in all ways.
And then he blessed and he said: Go ahead, continue with your work.

This is another, not the first time that it happened with the TLC-bars. I still remember a doctor, colleague of mine, who had learnt from me and Dubai, and when he took his bars and went and wrote a letter of what he thought of all this, he was asked what are you holding then, he took the bars and blessed it and he said: ‘You are doing the right work and tell the person also who is doing this work, he is doing right.’

This information, which is very fascinating, validates what we do, it adds a further boost, it’s just like saying: ‘Hey, you’re doing well, you should continue to do.’
So we knew we are on the right path.

During the conference, I forgot to tell you, I was also invited by the Vice Chancellor of the Swami Vivekananda University in Bangalore to make a presentation of the tachyon energy science. When he started talking to me, he started telling me: ‘I don’t know what proof you have and what it is and what research you have’, and he is an excellent scientist and I said: ‘We have all the proof and the ultimate proof is what is called evidence based medicine. That means, you need to really let them have an experience to see what it is like.

And then he started talking of tachyon and he said: Suddharshan has come here and given lecture and everything. I said: ‘Yes, whatever Suddharshan talked of and what has happened after that is what I’m here to present to you.’ And there was something which he saw in what I was talking and telling, but he realized that I should come to the University and present it to his students.
This deemed Vivekananda University is by Yoga Institute training and they have a hospital which treats patients based on yoga. It’s a very nice place, very serene, very peaceful, it’s just outside Bangalore, but they had such setups, I think two or three places world wide, where they are teaching the system in order to use it for healing.

I presented - when I came back from Puttaparthi to Bangalore I went to the University and I presented this to all the students. And the students could not believe that they were going to be learning, if they want to, the alternate healer program based on tachyon technologies and the tachyon tools. And they were fascinated by how everything was explained so simply and in fact so many clearances has happened to them in relation to all the different modalities of healing which they were learning over there. And this is one of the best confirmations that the ancient yogic science and the students of the yogic science who are so knowledgeable want to listen to us and they integrated so easily to confirm what is happening.

So I thank you all for listening to me. There are experiences and going on experiences and so many which make everything reality. I would not like to share everything. I would like to share everything, but I think time is a limitation at the moment. So I hope you enjoy whatever I have shared with you and just it is for us to do what we want, if we have the requested knowledge, we will always succeed. It’s not a question of me, you, or anybody, it’s all for us to do it, and everybody has the potential to do whatever can be done.

Thank you, God bless, and bye.

Dr. Ramesh 2003



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